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    SHRM Certification- The New Credential for HR Professionals

    Do you have questions regarding the new SHRM Competency Certification?
    SHRM has conducted several webinars with small groups of volunteer leaders to provide an overview of the New SHRM Competency Certification.  The webinar materials have been added to the VLRC, and can be found at:
    SHRM Certification Webinar (Dec. 11, 2014)  
    Certification Marketing Resources   
    SHRM Certification Handbook
    SHRM Recertification Handbook
    SHRM Preferred Provider Resources
    SHRM Competency Model Brochure 
    SHRM Body of Competency & Knowledge Graphic 
    SHRM Certification Update Webinar 
    State Council Certification Director Job Description   
    Chapter Certification Director Job Description    
    CEO Update 
    SHRM Certification FAQ
    Click here for more information.